05 April 2021

The unicorn of matt varnish

I don’t have facilities for spraying miniatures – so it’s all brushwork, and I’m down to my last bottle of Testors Dullcote lacquer, and with none available in the UK, I sought an alternative.

Winsor & Newton’s Galeria matt varnish was recommended, but, like all of the matt varnishes I have tried, it turned out to be not quite as matt as required.

There simply isn’t anything to match Testors Dullcote.

However, the resulting soft sheen does seem to work for the Hadendowa warrior’s flesh and hair (which they greased), and also for Prior’s horse’s coat. (I’ll post images when the varnish has dried.)

After some thought I decided to only apply a matt coat to clothing, straps, belts, and so-on.

I am hoping that by the time this bottle is empty it will be available in the UK again.

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