25 June 2022

A little progress …

The last days have been somewhat challenging … not enough hours in the day to get everything done … and the Sudan project slipped a bit.

Nevertheless, the screw gun battery is finished, and I am rather pleased with it. I made a little progress with Private Thomas Edwards and the Naval Brigade ammunition mules he was seconded to attend. The tartan will be a challenge … and just as I am not looking forward to painting the 19th Hussars’ Syrian Grey ponies, neither am I looking forward to the company of the Black Watch I have waiting in little black boxes. Rather nice problems to have, of course.

The finished screw gun battery and some progress with Private Thomas Edwards and the naval brigade ammunition mules, and Valentine Baker.

12 June 2022

Detailing and basing the screw guns

While the Berkshires and the 19th Hussars languish, I’ve been making steady progress with the screw gun battery and the vignette of Private Thomas Edwards and a pair of ammunition mules, of which more in my next post.

I discovered that the recoil of the diminutive screw gun was mitigated by a rope attached to each wheel, run to the hook on the shoe plate at the rear of the carriage. I had to add this detail, obviously, but it was quite tricky to do because the models are so small.

I added check ropes using fine gauge wire rope. Once these were painted I based the carriages and added fine sand, since this would be tricky to do once the figures are in place. Once dry I added the barrels and the crew figures. Sandy paste next.

08 June 2022

Screw gun battery basing test

Even though I have been busy with work and around the house I have managed to make decent progress with the screw gun battery.

The principal decision was the size of the bases. The crew with the fellow about to ram home the shot required a longer base, 90mm in fact. The second crew, with the converted figure holding the sponge/ramrod, will fit on a base 60mm square. I considered basing both guns on 60mm square bases, with the fellow ramming the shot home based separately. I also considered basing the guns on different sized bases.

After some consideration I decided to base both guns on 60mm x 90mm bases; the uniformity strikes a more appropriate appearance, I think.

Testing the basing arrangement for the Royal Artillery RML 2.5 inch battery. I’m not sure if the infantry sergeant (extreme right) will make the final arrangement. (The gun barrel muzzles need retouching and varnishing – the barrels have just come off the pins used to hold them while painting.)