18 April 2021

Medical Staff Corps, Naval Brigade Gatling gun battery, and 40pdr Armstrong

I made quite a bit of progress today, so I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Gatling guns and limber, Mahdist flag bearer, and Medical Staff Corps, all shaded and tinted and ready for varnishing, with field hospital flag.

First of the Naval Brigade – Gatling gun crews. After some thought I decided not to attempt to paint the multiple blue lines around the flap collars … wait see how a simple white boarder looks.

I made a test rig for the gun carriage using cotton. I think it will be easier to achieve the desired result using scale wire rope than scale rope.


  1. Looking very good!

  2. Thank you! The Naval Brigade machine guns and crews are nearly finished, so I hope to post photos in a week or so. The 40pdr is a longer term project.