15 July 2021

Hadendowa riflemen kit bashing

One of the things that troubled me was the lack of ammunition carried by the plastic riflemen … while some of the metal rifle-armed figures have ammunition pouches the plastic figures just have rifles. Since it seems likely that they would have carried ammunition in the original boxes captured form the Egyptians, I thought to make amends.

Just now I am preparing a rifle-armed band which will be a body guard for one of the Mahdist commanders, organised with the brass gun battery and a command group vignette. So I thought to add a couple of figures carrying an ammunition box between them. This minor conversion required removal of weapons, careful drilling of hands, and threading of wire rope.

The result looks promising.

Four minor conversions: the fellow on the left has his rifle modified so he can shoulder it in a relaxed fashion; the two middle fellows have rope handles in place for the ammunition box between them; the fellow on the right will bar a flag. This will be the only band of riflemen to carry a flag.

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